About Us

about us

The Chief Executive Officer of the Company has 13 years of working experience with a large car park operating and consulting company as the head of the Operations Department. He has a good working knowledge and experience of:

  • The various types of equipment and accessories used in the car park.
  • Planning the layout of car park equipment, accessories and traffic flow.
  • Maintaining the morale and discipline of the workforce.
  • Recruiting and training operational and administrative staff.
  • Maintaining good rapport with the relevant car park authorities, car park owners, managing agents and car park patrons.
  • Co-ordinating the activities of suppliers of car park products and services.

The two supervisory staff have more than 20 years of car park supervisory experience each. Having rose through the ranks, they are well placed to provide necessary and timely assistance to their subordinates, tenants and car park patrons. Through their years of working with the various types of car park equipment, they are competent enough to carry out routine maintenance and minor repair works.

The operational staff are experienced, if new, they are trained and mentored in order to carry out their duties conscientiously and to be helpful to those who seek their assistance.