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Season Parking Application Form

    S/N Vehicle No. IU No. Remarks

    The Applicant agrees to the following

    1. Astro Parking shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to the applicant’s vehicle(s) or its (t heir) contents howsoever caused.
    2. Astro Parking, its employees, agents shall have the right to remove any vehicle which is obstructing the regular flow of vehicular traffic.
    3. Astro Parking shall have the right to wheel clamp any vehicle parked illegally or indiscriminately.
    4. All season parking fees must be paid in advance before the start of each season parking period.
    5. Season parking fees for vehicles not received on the start of the season parking period will be de-activated and the vehicles will become hourly parking vehicles until season parking payments are received.
    6. All hourly parking fees paid between the period of the de-activation and re-instatement are not refundable.
    7. Season Passholders will have the responsibility to inform Astro Parking if they wish to terminate their Season Parking Arrangement.
    8. The date of termination will be determined by the date as stated in the written notice/email or the date when the written not ice/email is received by Astro Parking, whichever is the later